*All Times Shown are in Eastern Daylight Time*

8:45 am Join our virtual coffee chat room to kick off conversation with your fellow integrins peers!

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Integrins’ Specificity & Selectivity – A Happy Marriage?

9:15 am Developing Selective, Orally Bioavailable Integrin Inhibitors


  • Building an integrin library around the RGD and MIDAS structural motifs
  • Improving physicochemical properties of integrin inhibitors – what to address to make an orally active drug
  • Integrated drug discovery

9:45 am Integrin Specificity at the Level of Ligands & Intracellular Adapters


  • Not each RGD sequence is alike, learn about specificity and tensional contexts
  • Does it matter whether an integrin connects intracellularly to talin1 or talin2
  • What consequences that might have for cytoskeletal interactions and intracellular signaling

10:15 am An Oral Selective α4β7 Integrin Inhibitor for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: MORF-057

  • Bruce Rogers Chief Scientific Officer , Morphic Therapeutics

10:45 am Design of Selective Ligands for RGD-Recognizing Integrins


  • Agonistic and antagonistic properties of integrin ligands
  • Mechanisms of integrin activation
  • Consequences for applications in medicine

11:15 am Speed Networking Break


Take part in this ice-breaker session where our platform will pair you up with a fellow colleague to spark a conversation to expand your scientific and integrin network!

Fast-Tracking Your Integrins into Clinic

11:45 am Small Molecule Integrin Activators as Immune Stimulants – From Discovery to the Clinic


  • Only reported small molecule activators of both α4β1 and αLβ2
  • Efficacious in pre-clinical models of immuno-oncology, vaccines, and stem cell transplant
  • Demonstrated safety and oral availability in clinical trials

12:15 pm Panel Discussion: Equipping Your Translational Confidence


This panel will discuss the translational work that can be done in the integrin field to boost confidence, gain robust data and drive clinical success. Including the use of human lung/liver tissue slices as best-in-class models for translational studies, leveraging PET ligands to advance your studies and biomarker discovery.

12:50 pm Roundtable Discussion: Diversity & Inclusion in Pharma


Grab a bite and join our networking lunch room to be part of our D&I discussion.

Turn on your cameras and join your peers to assess how we can increase diversity and inclusion in novel drug discovery and development industry!

Unveiling Novel Integrin Targets for Your Next Blockbuster

1:50 pm Integrin avb8 Expression Levels as a Biomarker for Cancer Treatment


  • Integrin avb8 expression has demonstrated exciting potential in precision immunotherapy as a central node in the disruption of the TGFB signaling pathway
  • Case study discussion: Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

2:20 pm Inhibition of Integrin αvβ8 Enhances Immune Checkpoint Induced Anti-Tumor Immunity by Acting Across Immunologic Synapse


  • Integrin αvβ8 mediates cell type specific and tissue localized activation of TGFβ1/3 to regulate the immune system
  • Orally administered αvβ8 targeted inhibitor is a potent modulator of anti-tumor immune response acting across the immunologic synapse to enhance CD8T cells responses and reduce tumor tolerance in syngeneic mouse tumor models
  • αvβ8 antagonism is a promising therapeutic approach to ICB refractory tumors

2:50 pm Cell-Specific Roles of Integrin Alpha V in Regulation of Inflammation & Fibrosis

  • Kevin Hart Principal Scientist, Inflammation , Pfizer


  • Is integrin alpha V expression on fibroblasts a master-regulator of fibrosis?
  • Exploring the importance of fibroblast and cholangiocyte expression of integrin alpha V in disease models
  • Novel mechanism for the regulation of immune polarization through integrin-alpha V

3:20 pm Targeted Delivery of the Organometallic Ferrocene Via Highly Selective ανβ3, ανβ6, or α5β1-Targeting Ligands


  • Introduce the concept of targeted delivery of the organometallic ferrocene to cells via integrin-ligands
  • Show the synthesis, ferrocene conjugation and characterization of the binding properties of ανβ3, ανβ6, or α5β1-targeting ligands
  • Determine the generation of reactive oxygen species, DNA damage and antitumor-activity of integrin-ferrocene ligands on cells that express either ανβ3, ανβ6, or α5β1 integrins

3:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Summit