Welcome to the Integrin-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

Invigorate Your Pipeline & Drive Translational Development as the Field of Integrins Explodes

The excitement surrounding integrins has been growing over the past few years, culminating in recent clinical success, innovative biology and medicinal chemistry advancements blazing the way to tackle previously undruggable disease modalities through novel integrin targets

The Integrin-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit is not just the first, but the only industry-driven event sharing pioneering advances, expert insights and exclusive updates on the field of integrin drug discovery and development - from solid tumors to autoimmune diseases, from ophthalmology to fibrosis, revealing the therapeutic windows of integrins!

With the vast potential of integrins as targets, this inaugural 3-day summit will unite industry trailblazers including Pliant Therapeutics, Morphic Therapeutics and 7 Hills Pharma with academic leaders, such as pioneer Dean Sheppard, to delve into the biology and chemistry of different integrins classes, MoA and explore the best approach to regulate integrins, driving translational and clinical success.

World-Class Speaker Faculty, Including:

Join a global community of 80+ experts on August 17-19:

To tackle issues of safety, selectivity and specificity in drug development, further your understanding of the structure and function of integrins to inform your R&D decisions and leverage the lessons learned over the past 20 years to enhance your bed to bedside progression.


Evaluate novel targets and innovative approaches to effectively regulate integrins from Dean Sheppard and Inthelia Therapeutics


Analyze the necessary steps to achieve safe, selective and specific integrin targeted drug candidates in a deep-dive workshop led by Pliant Therapeutics


Clearside Biomedical and 7 Hills Pharma guide you through their journeys from drug discovery to clinic, enhancing your translational confidence


Pfizer illuminates alpha V integrins’ therapeutic potential in fibrosis and inflammation, through novel mechanism and regulation of immune polarization


Morphic Therapeutics uncovers their disease agnostic approach and power of alpha v integrins across oncology, autoimmune and fibrosis through orally selective inhibitor, and their next steps in clinic!

This conference expanded my general knowledge of TGFB biology and was a great platform to learn about new therapies and current therapeutic challenges.

Gained insights on direction of the field with regards to modalities in targeting the TGFb pathway”

“Very good experience. I learned so much.”


Past Portfolio Attendee,
Researcher, EMD Serono

Past Portfolio Attendee,
Senior Scientist, AbbVie

Past Portfolio Attendee,
Senior Director – Immunology, Bicara Therapeutics